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Posted in Data Protection & Privacy Natalia GulyaevaMaria SedykhBret Cohen

Russia Data Localization Update: Results from Regulatory Inspections Clarify Enforcement Approach

We last reported on Russia’s data localization law earlier this year when the Russian data protection authority, Roskomnadzor, released its inspection plan for 2016. Since then, Roskomnadzor has been conducting compliance inspections both according to the plan and in individual cases when it has reason to do so. The results of those inspections and recent comments by the Head … Continue Reading

Posted in Policy & Regulation

The end of a golden age for China’s mobile app market?

China has finally made a move to regulate the smart mobile devices applications (Mobile Apps) industry, which has been on fire for many years but has experienced certain “growing pains” recently. This move may signal the end of the “gold rush era” for China’s Mobile App market and usher in a more orderly and regulated market environment.

On 18 November … Continue Reading

Posted in Data Protection & Privacy Mark ParsonsPeter Colegate

Hong Kong Privacy Commissioner takes lead on Privacy Regulation of Mobile Apps

Privacy regulators are increasingly turning their attention to the manner in which mobile apps collect, process and transmit personal data.

On 9 December, 21 privacy enforcement authorities around the world issued an open letter to seven of the world’s leading app marketplaces calling on them to make app privacy policies available to users prior to downloading.

The open letter was … Continue Reading

Posted in Internet

Hong Kong rules will require companies to display registered name and liability status on websites and apps

On 1 February 2013, the Companies (Disclosure of Company Name and Liability Status) Regulation (the “Regulation”, accessed here) was gazetted. The Sub-committee on Subsidiary Legislation Made under the New Companies Ordinance (the “Sub-committee”) then issued a paper titled Supplementary Information arising from the Meeting on 21 February 2013 (the “Paper”, accessed here), Continue Reading