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Episode two: Hong Kong relaxes regulations on product placement

The Communications Authority (“CA”) recently issued its decision to relax existing regulations on indirect advertising (commonly known as product placement) in television programmes (“TV programmes”) and to lift bans on advertisements for undertakers and associated services. We have previously discussed the CA’s decision in September 2017 to review its Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme … Continue Reading

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Communications Authority Publishes Responses to Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Codes of Practice on Television and Radio Programme and Advertising Standards

In September 2012 the Communications Authority issued a consultation paper to invite views from the public on the proposed amendments to the Codes of Practice governing television and radio programmes and advertising. The results of the consultation were published last week and a summary of the responses can be found here.

Overview of responses

The majority of the responses … Continue Reading

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The Hong Kong Communications Authority reviews and invites comments on the regulatory guidance on principles of interconnection charges between fixed carriers

On 7 November 2012, the Communications Authority (“CA“) published a consultation paper reviewing the regulatory guidance on the charging principles between fixed carriers. Fixed-to-fixed connections remain the only type of connectivity where interconnection charges are regulated by the CA under s.36A of the Telecommunications Ordinance (the “Ordinance“). The CA may also issue regulatory guidelines for interconnection … Continue Reading