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Blockchain in Africa

What is Blockchain?

You may have heard this term and wondered what it is (as have most of us). A blockchain is in essence a distributed digital database which maintains a list of records.

Members (with access to the database) validate the data in a specific block by means of a consensus of members using algorithmic calculations which utilize cryptography … Continue Reading

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IFLR article: Blockchain’s three capital markets innovations explained

Given the amount of ink that has been spilled on the topic over the past months, most readers will likely be familiar with the term blockchain, as code for the type of distributed ledger technology that underlies bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies. Some of the more technologically inclined may already have an in-depth understanding of the workings of these systems. … Continue Reading

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Hogan Lovells and SFIG get to grips with the structured finance blockchain

Chances are, at some point you’ve heard of the blockchain, or perhaps at least Bitcoin.  It’s an increasingly hot topic as more and more attention is being paid to digital currency.  The blockchain is what makes Bitcoin, and other similar transactions involving digital currencies, viable.  Simply put, a blockchain is a time-stamped and linked shared digital ledger of transactions, accessible … Continue Reading