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Telecom Convergence: Nirvana or Nightmare?

I’m currently watching a wonderful new show called “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” on Amazon Prime.  It’s a comedy about a recent divorcee in Manhattan in the early 1960s who decides to become a stand-up comedian.  As I’m watching the show my thoughts drift to the magnitude of difference between the fictitious Midge Maisel watching Bob Newhart on her 1960s-era television … Continue Reading

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Common Carriers Exempt from FTC Regulation, Ninth Circuit Holds

Last week, a unanimous Ninth Circuit panel issued a significant decision that holds that common carriers are categorically exempt from Section 5 of the FTC Act—even for activities unrelated to common carriage.  See AT&T Mobility LLC. v. Fed. Trade Comm’n, No. 15-16585, 2016 WL 4501685 (9th Cir. Aug. 29, 2016).  This opinion has potentially far-reaching implications for the telecommunications … Continue Reading

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FCC’s WCS Order Raises Cheers … and Questions

Written by Trey Hanbury and Phillip Berenbroick

In a move that has the potential to unleash new broadband deployment across the United States, the Federal Communications Commission recently loosened technical constraints on the long-dormant 2.3 GHz band.  The rules that the FCC adopted October 17, 2012 essentially ratify a joint proposal that the two largest licensees in the band, the … Continue Reading