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Why Africa needs blockchain

Bitcoin may make headlines when its value crashes or climbs, but the blockchain technology behind the controversial cryptocurrency could help Africa overcome some of its biggest developmental challenges. Blockchain could present new ways to help overcome challenges, which continue to stymy the continent’s growth. Corruption and fraud are classic problems yet people are still looking at them through the lens of how we have always tried to solve them in the past. We need to fully embrace the way technology can offer new solutions to these age-old problems. Unhackable Blockchain

Posted in Technology

Blockchain in Africa

What is Blockchain? You may have heard this term and wondered what it is (as have most of us). A blockchain is in essence a distributed digital database which maintains a list of records. Members (with access to the database) validate the data in a specific block by means of a consensus of members using algorithmic calculations which utilize cryptography (methods vary depending on the technology and database involved) – I know, sounds very techie, because it is! Validated blocks are then linked in sequence to the preceding blocks by using