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Net Neutrality: The Emerging Debate in Asia

Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore permit net neutrality traffic control measures as long as they are fair and open.  In contrast, South Korea permits network operators to block traffic or charge extra fees to the users of certain applications.  The different policy approach in South Korea may be due to the country’s desire to be the world leader in 5G services, network equipment and technology. Click here to read the full article in our Spring issue of the Global Media and Communications Quarterly

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UK Stamp Duty boost for tech companies

There should be no ‘Monday blues’ for UK start-ups and their investors as the new stamp duty exemption for securities trading on growth markets comes into effect today. The exemption was announced in last year’s budget and is intended to incentivise investor participation in the UK’s small and medium sized quoted businesses, some of which comprise ambitious tech companies seeking to raise capital for their expansion. UK shares traded on certain growth markets, including AIM and the High Growth market, will qualify for the exemption. In a recent newsflash our

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European Commission proposes “Connected Continent” legislative reforms for telecoms sector

The European Commission has announced the adoption of a legislative package for a “Connected Continent: Building a Telecoms Single Market”. The package proposes a range of reforms to be rolled out over the next 3 years, subject to approval by the European Parliament.  Global Media and Communications Watch will feature a longer post shortly but key elements include: A single authorisation for telecoms operators across the EU An increase in the legal threshold for telecoms sub-markets regulation, with the aim of reducing the number of sub-markets A more coherent framework for

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The Court of Justice of the European Union has handed down its judgment in ITV Broadcasting Ltd (and others) v TV Catchup Ltd.

The Court of Justice of the European Union Rules in ITV Broadcasting Ltd (and others) v TV Catchup Ltd. In an important case that re-enforces the breadth of the basic rights of broadcasters and content owners to control the distribution of content by alternative technical means, the CJEU recently ruled that live internet streaming of a free-to-air television channel could infringe a broadcaster’s copyright, even though subscribers to the streaming service could have watched the broadcast on television legitimately and without payment. Despite the fact that this CJEU’s decision was based

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Insights into future UK policy

UK minister Ed Vaizey today sketched the Government’s approach to some areas of media and communications policy ahead of a formal White Paper expected in the first half of 2013. Speaking at the Oxford Media Convention he provided insights on areas including; Spectrum: Alongside explicit recognition of the critical importance of spectrum, the Minister emphasised a continued focus on freeing up, and ensuring the efficient use of, that spectrum. Content: Affirming the Government’s commitment to support the UK’s content industries (building on content related tax breaks and other recent initiatives),

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Hogan Lovells TMT Wins Two Awards in One Week

Two members of our global team, with bases as far apart as Italy and Hong Kong, were recognised last week as leading TMT lawyers in separate awards. Gabriela Kennedy, based in Hong Kong, won ‘Best in TMT’ for the second consecutive year at the Euromoney Legal Media Group Asia Women in Business Law Awards which honour the outstanding achievements of leading female lawyers in Asia. Marco Berliri, based in Rome, was awarded ‘TMT lawyer of the year’ at the Italian Top Legal Awards 2012 organized by Top Legal, the leading Italian

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Current UK Media Ownership Rules Reaffirmed By Regulator

In a report to Government  UK media and communications regulator Ofcom has concluded that, subject to its own recent recommendations  on the operation of the media plurality test, no immediate changes should be made to the UK rules on media ownership. This was a regular review which Ofcom is required to undertake every three years. It looked at the following rules: Groups holding more than 20% of the national newspaper market cannot own more than 20% of a holder of a Channel 3 Licence (currently ITV, STV and UTV) or

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UK 4G Auction launched

 UK communications regulator Ofcom has taken another significant step on the road to 4G services being fully deployed across the UK. The long running industry wrangles that have delayed 4G were finally resolved by a government brokered agreement last month. Ofcom has now published the regulations and timetable that will govern the auction. The regulations set a provisional date for applications of 11 December and target the launch of services in May/June 2013.  The reserve price set on the spectrum is £1.3bn with industry estimates suggesting the total amount raised

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Breakthrough for UK 4G Roll Out

The latest agreement between the UK mobile industry and regulators represents a significant step toward the roll out of near-universally available 4G mobile coverage. Introduction of 4G in the UK has been long dogged by differences between the operators through which regulator Ofcom has struggled to steer a successful course. Most recently, Ofcom was drawn into controversy by its decision to allow Everything Everywhere to use some of its existing spectrum for 4G purposes whilst the process for a fully-fledged auction of capacity (which would allow other mobile operators to

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UK’s Ofcom in landmark 4G Decision

A 21 August 2012 Ofcom decision authorised mobile operator Everything Everywhere to use existing spectrum to launch the UK’s first 4G services within a month. It comes in the context of the auction of new spectrum which will enable a range of operators to launch 4G. Ofcom’s latest pronouncement on that process, which has been has been slowed by rival operators’ strong views, includes a commitment to support four viable 4G networks and to conclude awards early in 2013.  Ofcom’s decision to vary existing licences effectively enables Everything Everywhere to

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