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The ICO Updates Its Data Sharing Code of Practice

On 9 July 2019 the UK data protection authority (ICO) updated its Data Sharing Code of Practice (first published in 2011) (Code). On the same day, the ICO also announced its intention to fine Marriott International just over £99m for infringements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), highlighting the importance of due diligence in the context of data sharing. The Code, made under section 121 of the UK’s Data Protection Act (DPA), is publicly available for consultation until 9 September 2019. Once finalised, the Code will become a statutory

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TMT2020: Copying vs. retweet in Spain: what makes the difference? A vision from the © perspective

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We are excited to present this entry in our new TMT2020 series, which reflects the key technology, media, and telecoms legal issues that are expected to impact today’s organizations and tomorrow’s marketplace.  It also provides an opportunity to highlight contributions by TMT associates across our global offices and practice areas.  Retweeting has been in the headlines lately, with attention focused on the withdrawal by Twitter® of tweets that copy others’ content. Although this practice existed before, the recent concern arose when the American writer, Olga Lexell, claimed that

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The reform of the Spanish IP law about to be approved

Pending final approval by the Congress, on October 15 the Senate gave green light to the reform of the Spanish Intellectual Property law. The reform has been considered as a short-term solution previous to the final one which is supposed to come approximately within a year, following the recent adoption of Directive 2014/26/EU on collective management of copyright and related rights. Although there are some voices arguing that this urgent and incomplete reform is not but a stopgap solution to the current law, the Government states that there are several

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Spanish Supreme Court refers questions to CJEU on private copying levies

On September 10, 2014, the Spanish Supreme Court referred a question to the European Court of Justice related to the new copyright levy system. The debate has arisen in connection with the procedure for payment of copyright levies set out by the Royal Decree 1657/2012, which now regulates the payments by way of a charge to the general State budget. Despite the fact that the levy is still calculated on the basis of the damage effectively caused, it must be fixed within the limits of the national budget determined for