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Fight against online counterfeiting: French Minister for Culture and Communication wants providers of hosting services to get more involved

In August 2012, the French Government asked Mr Pierre Lescure to draft a report on digital contents and cultural policy in the digital age. The Report, which was submitted on 13 May 2013, identifies the issues created by the digital economy in every field of creation (music, cinema, literature, photography, media etc.), and details 80 proposals (http://www.culturecommunication.gouv.fr/var/culture/storage/culture_mag/rapport_lescure/index.htm#/). With … Continue Reading

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The French Supreme Court confirms that advertising on social networks is subject to the general rules governing advertising

One of the growing focuses of French case law in the field of Internet law concerns advertising on social networks. A recent ruling was handed down by the French Supreme Court on this topic in a case concerning the advertising campaign for a famous French alcoholic beverage.  This case had been brought forward by the French National Association for the … Continue Reading

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Take down, stay down: Paris Court of Appeal confirms hosting providers have no general monitoring obligation

In a recent decision dated 21 June 2013, the Paris Court of Appeal endorsed the reasoning adopted a year ago by the French Supreme Court in three decisions involving Google (French Supreme Court, 12 July 2012, no. 11-13.666, 11-15.165/11-15.188, 11-13.669) and decided that there is no obligation for providers of hosting services to prevent the reappearance of contents they have … Continue Reading

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Internal and External Social Networks: New Risks, New Rules

On May 30, 2013, the Hogan Lovells Paris office hosted a seminar on internal and external social networks. While the informal nature of social networks, whether they are public or internallydeveloped by companies, is at the origin of their success, we still need to be aware that these platforms of self-expression are regulated.  From labour law to personal data through … Continue Reading

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The French Supreme Court Confirms the Use of a Competitor’s Trademark as Keyword

In a recent decision dated 29 January 2013 (http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichJuriJudi.do?oldAction=rechJuriJudi&idTexte=JURITEXT000027024140&fastReqId=405377599&fastPos=1), the French Supreme Court reaffirmed its position regarding Google’s paid referencing service, AdWords.

This particular case involved two competitors, Cobrason and Solutions, which both sell video and hi-fi products online. Cobrason noticed that when an Internet-user types “Cobrason” on the website www.google.fr, a commercial link concerning its competitor, Solutions, … Continue Reading