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Internal and External Social Networks: New Risks, New Rules

On May 30, 2013, the Hogan Lovells Paris office hosted a seminar on internal and external social networks. While the informal nature of social networks, whether they are public or internallydeveloped by companies, is at the origin of their success, we still need to be aware that these platforms of self-expression are regulated.  From labour law to personal data through … Continue Reading

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The French Supreme Court Confirms the Use of a Competitor’s Trademark as Keyword

In a recent decision dated 29 January 2013 (http://www.legifrance.gouv.fr/affichJuriJudi.do?oldAction=rechJuriJudi&idTexte=JURITEXT000027024140&fastReqId=405377599&fastPos=1), the French Supreme Court reaffirmed its position regarding Google’s paid referencing service, AdWords.

This particular case involved two competitors, Cobrason and Solutions, which both sell video and hi-fi products online. Cobrason noticed that when an Internet-user types “Cobrason” on the website www.google.fr, a commercial link concerning its competitor, Solutions, … Continue Reading

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Germany: Keyword advertising with third party trademarks does not infringe if visually separated from search results

The Federal Court of Justice has confirmed its case-law on the admissibility of keyword advertising with third party trademarks. The function of the trademark as an indication of origin is not affected if the advertisement is visually separated from the hit list, even when the search term contained a trademark and the advertisement contains only generic terms that do not Continue Reading

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Surrender! German Court Strengthens the Position of Data Principals in Insolvency Proceedings

In a recent decision, the Higher Regional Court of Düsseldorf held that data controllers may claim immediate surrender of customer data in the insolvency of marketing agencies and IT service providers in Germany under section 47 of the German Insolvency Statute (decision of 27 September 2012, file number: I-6 241/11; view a German text version of this decision). Final … Continue Reading

Posted in Advertising, Internet Morten Petersenn

Germany: Non-compliance with E-commerce rules is misleading advertisement

The Court of Appeal of Bremen (German version of the decision) has recently confirmed that competitors and consumer associations in Germany may challenge non-compliances with e-commerce rules. Any such non-compliance can be attacked on the basis of the German Unfair Competition Act (“UWG”). The court dealt with two essential aspects of
E-Commerce: 1. Is it a misleading advertisementContinue Reading

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UK to launch online behavioural advertising opt-outs

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has today announced new rules on online behavioural advertising (OBA) which are intended to increase consumer awareness of and choice over the use of OBA. The rules will form part of the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (known as the “CAP Code”) from 4 February 2013, which applies to online … Continue Reading

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Communications Authority Publishes Responses to Public Consultation on Proposed Amendments to the Codes of Practice on Television and Radio Programme and Advertising Standards

In September 2012 the Communications Authority issued a consultation paper to invite views from the public on the proposed amendments to the Codes of Practice governing television and radio programmes and advertising. The results of the consultation were published last week and a summary of the responses can be found here.

Overview of responses

The majority of the responses … Continue Reading

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Lowest Price Guarantees: Consumer’s Friend or Foe?

The UK competition authority, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), has commissioned a report dealing with “across-sellers agreements” called “Can ‘Fair’ Prices be Unfair?”. The report suggests these types of agreements may have a ‘softening’ effect on competition.

Across-sellers agreements are more commonly known as lowest price or price match guarantees, and the majority of shoppers think these … Continue Reading

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New regulation affecting gaming advertisement in Italy

A new controversial regulation regarding gaming and gambling advertising in Italy has been introduced in the recent Law Decree no. 158 of 13 September 2012 (“Decree“) and shall affect both the off-line and online gaming industry.

The Decree contains, among others, a general provision which prohibits gambling advertisement – through TV, radio, theatres or cinemas – which is … Continue Reading

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Increased need to monitor user generated content?

The Australian authorities appear to be cracking down on consumer generated content on companies’ branded Facebook pages. The Australian Advertising Standards Board has ruled that everything that appears on a company or brand’s Facebook page is “advertising” and therefore must comply with advertising rules, including comments posted by members of the public. Commenting on the ruling, the Australian Competition and … Continue Reading

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