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Getting to data nirvana – a user’s guide to data lakes and GDPR

A data lake is an infrastructure that permits different data sets from within a group to be combined and analysed together.

To analyse a data lake under GDPR, it is helpful to think of a data lake in two phases, which we analyse in our user guide.

The infrastructure phase

Here, the guide covers:

  • Identify the entity that is hosting the data lake.
  • Implement an intragroup data processing agreement.
  • Check data localisation rules.
  • Data protection impact assessment.
  • Data lake governance committee.

The applications phase

Specifically, we look at:

  • Data lake service provider becomes data controller.
  • Instructions from each affiliate as (original) data controller.
  • Mapping value transfers from data lake applications.
  • Data lakes and applicable law.
  • Anonymisation.
  • Additional purposes that are “compatible”.
  • Data protection impact assessments.

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Next steps

Take advantage of the far-reaching changes brought about by the GDPR with our European Privacy Tool, which offers realistic, practical and workable insights as well as templates, helping to ensure that you are successful in meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.

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