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Are the UK’s intellectual property laws ready for AI?

“AI doesn’t just belong to a few tech giants in Silicon Valley”: these were the words of Google Cloud’s chief scientist for AI, Fei-Fei Li, speaking in March 2018 at a panel discussion on the impact of AI. Whilst companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google have been at the forefront of AI for a number of years, many organizations across many different industries, are now looking to jump on the bandwagon, as AI continues to permeate the public consciousness. In response to the gathering momentum behind AI, thought-leaders in AI are calling for a careful look at how we should prepare. As Fei-Fei Li put it, we need to “really study the profound impact of AI to our society, to our legal system, to our organizations, to our society to democracy, to education, to our ethics.” In 2017 the UK Government commissioned a Select Committee to consider the economic, ethical, social and legal implications of AI. Against this backdrop, we ask whether or not the UK’s intellectual property laws are ready for AI, and look at what businesses can do to prepare.

Penny Thornton and Imogen Ireland in our London IPMT team look at questions of AI and IP ownership and infringement in light of current UK intellectual property laws. Click here to read the full article.