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Getting to data nirvana – using the GDPR to create data value

“Getting to Data Nirvana” is our four-step approach to help you integrate your legal, regulatory and compliance work streams into your organisation’s overall data strategy.

The job of the legal and compliance teams is to make sure that their company’s data projects do not breach applicable laws.

Their task is not easy because the number of laws regulating the processing of data – particularly personal data – are increasing multiplying worldwide.

However, a focus solely on data compliance can prevent broader thinking about data strategy, and how legal and regulatory teams can contribute to value creation.

Hogan Lovells’ “Getting to data nirvana” guide helps open the door to broader thinking about data strategy, by showing how regulatory, contract, IP, competition and litigation strategy can be proactively engineered to create data value.

Our second guide discusses how the GDPR can be used to create data value

In particular, it reviews:

  • GDPR Tools can be repurposed to contribute to data value.
  • Data mapping and GDPR data records.
  • Intra-group data agreements.
  • Structuring intra-group contracts to allocate liability and maximize value.
  • Transfer pricing.
  • Data protection impact assessments permit a holistic approach to risk mitigation.
  • GDPR and the “single source of the truth”.
  • Summary of GDPR tools that can be re-purposed to enhance data value.

Our first guide reviewed the best way of understanding data value and ownership.

Next steps

Take advantage of the far-reaching changes brought about by the GDPR with our European Privacy Tool, which offers realistic, practical and workable insights as well as templates, helping to ensure that you are successful in meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.

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