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TMT China Brief – Summer 2018

This edition features a total of 14 articles which capture various significant TMT developments in Greater China. These developments cover an extraordinary breadth of topics and demonstrate a strong increase in the nuance and complexity of TMT law and practice in the region.

Cybersecurity in China remains a hot topic. The Cyber Security Law is already in place but the question is how this law is going to be interpreted and implemented. In this edition, we will look at various draft/trial measures which provide further insight on key topics such as critical information infrastructure and security review of network products. We will also look at closely related topics concerning data localisation and cryptography.

There is no doubt that China offers huge potential for technology businesses. The Huawei v. Samsung case is an excellent example of how China has become a new arena for global patent and FRAND disputes. The market is also opening up for areas such as cloud service providers and, more generally, the sharing economy. An important part to these developments is IP and e-commerce, and we will look at how China is establishing new laws and regulations (and courts) to brace itself for these challenges.

Turning to Hong Kong, the Securities and Futures Commission remains very much on the forefront in leading market discussions on cybersecurity standards and online advisory platforms in Hong Kong. We will take you through the details of those discussions, as well as the Hong Kong government’s recent proposal to launch a statutory “do-not-call” register to put a tighter control on person-to-person telemarketing calls (cold calls or otherwise). We are pleased to present you this edition, which we hope will help you navigate through all these new developments.

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