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Posted in Technology Theodore J. Mlynar

Blockchain podcast interview: “The taxman cometh” to cryptocurrency transactions

Ted Mlynar and Ira Schaefer from our Blockchain-Smart Contract IPMT Working Group return to the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal podcast series following their first episode in November 2017.

Ted and Ira open this podcast with a brief account of Bitcoin’s background and give an overview of the current cryptocurrency landscape. They go on to discuss the following issues related to tax:

  • The 2014-21 IRS notification and how the IRS views cryptocurrency
  • Related implications such as tax on trading, mining and capital gains tax
  • Tax strategy for reporting and blockchain’s limitations for record keeping
  • IRS investigations and related customer data protection / access issues within cryptocurrency wallet companies such as Coinbase
  • Government acceptance of cryptocurrecy for payment obligations such as tax payment
  • Development of cryptocurrecy and the question of “forks” such as Bitcoin Cash and Etherium
  • US tax reform and interpretation of IRS regulation of “like-kind” transfers for cryptocurrencies

Catch the podcast here

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