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TMT Horizons 2018

2018 will be another dramatic year for TMT. Our job is to help TMT businesses to chart a course through by bringing together the insights of over 800 lawyers who focus on the sector across six continents. That is why we have asked some of our top thinkers globally to provide a snapshot of their vision for the coming year. A single publication cannot analyze every issue in detail – we do that elsewhere. But we hope this will help you to plot some key features on the map of the future.

As the year draws to a close, our global TMT Sector team are looking ahead to 2018.

Where now for convergence – well advanced in TMT and rapidly advancing into other sectors? What is the next stage of development for disruptive technologies like AI, blockchain and 3D printing? Can business successfully navigate concerns about privacy to really make the most of big  data?  Will traditional media businesses successfully adapt, or is the future really all about OTT? Can infrastructure and spectrum provide the capacity essential to the next phase of digitalisation? How will politics and regulation adapt? What types of deal will all of this generate?

We’ve brought together the thoughts of some of members of the team from Tokyo and Beijing via London and Brussels to Washington DC and Silicon Valley. You can read them in TMT Horizons 2018 accessible here.