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Russia Set to Mandate UAS Registration and Certification

1Russia is set to mandate new UAS registration and certification requirements that will affect businesses using, manufacturing and/or importing UAS into Russia.

Russia’s new federal law, “On introducing amendments to the Air Code of the Russian Federation regarding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles” became effective yesterday, March 30, 2016. The bill, which was signed into law December 30, 2015 by Russian President Vladimir Putin, mandates new requirements for the registration and certification of UAS (the bill refers to UAS as Civil Unmanned Aircraft or CUA).

According to the bill, any UAS with a maximum gross takeoff weight of more than 250 grams (~.55 pounds) will need to be registered. This is the same registration weight threshold set by the FAA in the U.S. in its new UAS registration rule that went into effect December of last year. Also like the UAS registration rule in the U.S., Russia’s UAS registration requirements will apply to both commercial and hobbyist UAS.

The specific terms of the UAS registration and certification requirements still need to be developed by the Russian Government. It is expected that Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency will be the responsible registration authority whereby the Federal Security Service will keep records of all registered UAS.

Hogan Lovells is actively monitoring these new registration and certification requirements in Russia and will inform you of any new developments. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.