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Copyright is what we do – globally: So we’ve mapped it for you!

globeglassBEIn today’s world, copyright works and related rights form the cornerstone for numerous services and products. Of course, the entire media and broadcasting sector is reliant on copyright protection, as are the software, music and publishing industries. But, copyright protected content is at stake in many more industries such as IT, luxury goods, education and research. Taking into account that non-literary texts may also enjoy copyright protection, it is not surprising that we also advise clients in banking and finance; and professional services (amongst others).

The copyright world is truly dynamic. Opportunities come in close succession and require flexibility on both the business and legal sides. That’s why we have just launched our Global Copyright Capability tool. See for yourself how we can help you to identify key markets and the spectrum of protection available in those markets; draft and negotiate the license agreements that safeguard prosperous exploitation; and enforce your IP rights where necessary in a prudent and resourceful way.

We also outline some of the hot copyright topics facing our clients today, such as:

  • Acquisition of Copyright Protection
  • Copyright and Employees
  • Copyright, Software and Gaming
  • Digital Content
  • Licensing

Please click here to view the tool