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Posted in Spectrum, Telecoms & Broadband Conor Ward

Ofcom to permit use of 2G and 3G spectrum for LTE & WiMAX (4G) services

Ofcom has today announced that it will permit mobile phone operators to use their existing 2G and 3G radio spectrum for LTE & WiMAX (4G) services in the future.
The decision allows mobile operators to increase mobile broadband speeds in future by re-using their 2G and 3G spectrum for LTE & WiMAX (4G), and to plan and implement moves to LTE & WiMAX (4G) technology in these bands without having to submit future regulatory applications.
Today’s statement ‘liberalises’ all mobile licences in the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands to permit the deployment of LTE and WiMAX (4G) services, where such licences have not already been liberalised. It also permits an increase in the maximum permitted base station transmit power in the 900 MHz frequency band for 3G and 4G technology.

At the same time Ofcom will update a number of terms and conditions in the relevant spectrum licences in order to align them more closely with the equivalent terms and conditions in the 800MHz and 2.6GHz licences awarded in March of this year.

A full copy of the statement can be found on the Ofcom website (or here Today’s statement).