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Posted in Data Protection & Privacy Eduardo Ustaran

ICO Turns Spotlight on Data Broker Industry

Data brokers are organisations that obtain data from a variety of sources and then sell or license it to third parties. Many trade in personal data, which is purchased by their customers for several purposes, most commonly to support marketing campaigns. In 2012, data brokers’ trade in personal data was reported to have generated over $150 billion in revenue.

The … Continue Reading

Posted in Data Protection & Privacy Lilly Taranto

Recap on the ICO Stance on Data Security

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is known to prefer an “engaging” rather than an enforcement approach with organisations.  However, when looking at the “action we’ve taken” page on the ICO website the ICO’s enforcement activity seems to be increasing by the day.  While the ICO has stated that it wants to focus its enforcement efforts going forward on unsolicited … Continue Reading

Posted in Policy & Regulation

Satellite System Procurement 101

Satellite system procurements are, today, more challenging than ever. The financial market status, including the Eurozone crisis, has further increased the difficulty of raising equity and debt to fund unproven satellite systems.

Hybrid satellite-terrestrial systems, designed to extend the “niche” appeal of satellite systems, have extended the system’s appeal, but have been enormously expensive undertakings, and have to date Continue Reading